Rosotti was founded on the desire to enhance its links to its origins combining a revolutionary body and the warmth of a traditional soul, giving life to a new concept of accessories for clothing and for the home.

Rosotti is a name which evokes refinement and protection. She is the grandmother par excellence, a stubborn woman who actively participated in the life of her company, contributing to the success and elegance of the collections she designed.

For this reason the Rosotti brand recalls the signature of this extraordinary woman and as an all-female anthem, holding 95% of the share capital of the company to a woman.

The main objective is also to contrast the current trend towards globalization in the fashion and furniture sector, a particularly important phenomenon and an icon of products and mass taste, also in the haute de gamme positioning.

Rosotti wants to express professionalism, attention to detail and high quality, on the one hand it represents tradition and on the other it allows the consumer to recognize a product which is a synthesis of quality, creativity, originality and personalization.

About Us



General Manager

A man at the helm of a historic family business which for generations has created, produced and sold trimmings collections in the textile world of furniture for its consolidated national and international clientele, and for the most famous buyers always avid of novelty. A pragmatic President and a profound connoisseur of the textile industry.



Founder & CEO

A woman who has always worked in the events world, particularly in the fashion industry, who passionately creates, plans and manages activities with a strong return on investment for her clients with her staff.




An nineteen year old, great observer and forerunner of fashion trends and Italian lifestyle who aims to bring freshness and new ideas. Thanks to his competitive sports activity, he will play an active role in the diffusion of products during social events with the most influential people in the world of sport and in show business.